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Aug 3

Written by: Jeff Crouere
8/3/2009 3:01 AM 

The first six months of President Obama have been exhausting for the American people. It has been one major initiative after another at a dizzying pace. After his initial success in pushing through Congress the $787 billion stimulus plan and the earmark laden omnibus spending bill, the President has started to stumble. The economy continues to decline and the President’s popularity ratings have also decreased. People are losing confidence in President Obama and souring on his ambitious plans to remake this country.  It is no surprise to see plummeting support for Obama because whenever the economy falters, the President suffers politically.

What is a surprise is how badly the administration “misread” the economy. Even Vice-President Joe Biden admitted that the economy was much worse than the administration had realized. In an ABC-TV interview, Biden finally confessed that the administration was wrong with its economic projections. The administration predicted the unemployment rate would not top 8 percent; however, the country is now suffering from an unemployment rate of 9.5%, the highest level in 26 years.
President Obama and Biden predicted that if Congress passed the huge stimulus plan that there would be an increase in jobs. It was touted as the formula to bring about job growth and economic recovery. In contrast, the country is suffering from a deep recession and millions of jobs have been lost since the stimulus plan was passed.
The stimulus plan was sold to the American people as a way to inject billions of dollars into the economy immediately. We were supposedly going to see plenty of “shovel ready” job creating projects. Instead, we have witnessed the expansion of government spending and enhanced bureaucracy.
Incredibly, some Democrats and media personalities are now claiming that a larger stimulus plan is needed to revive the economy. Of course, more debt is the last thing the country needs. A better idea would be to balance the budget, stop printing money that we don’t have and severely limit the expansion of government.
 Clearly, the Obama administration is preparing to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for its massive expansion of government. This is the exact opposite of what the country needs. In fact, taxes need to be decreased to spur economic growth. During the administrations of Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush, tax rates were reduced, leading to increased tax revenue and economic growth. In contrast, Obama and Biden believe that tax increases are fair and will help balance the budget. However, since this administration has been proven wrong about the impact of the stimulus plan, why should anyone trust them on tax policy? Why should we trust this administration to take over our health care industry, or institute “green” energy policies?
At the present time, the administration is working on two major domestic issues. It is pushing hard to pass a “cap and trade” bill that will target traditional sources of energy and move this country toward unproven alternative sources of energy. Independent analysts predict that it will increase energy bills for the average American family by at least $2,000 per year. As a result, Congress has been inundated by calls and e-mails from Americans who are opposed to this energy bill.
The President is also pushing his healthcare plan in the face of fierce opposition. Most Americans realize that the healthcare system needs to be improved and that costs need to be reduced, but they do not want socialized medicine. Considering that the healthcare industry constitutes one-sixth of our economy, the American people are right to be concerned about major changes to this huge sector of our economy.  
At a recent town hall meeting in Reserve, Louisiana, hosted by four members of the Obama cabinet, protestors and disgruntled audience members voiced their strong opposition to the President’s healthcare plan. Glenn Ellerbee of Lafayette delivered the clearest statement to the panel when he announced that, “It will be a cold day in hell before he (Obama) socializes my country.” His comments were greeted by thunderous applause from the enthusiastic crowd.
Not only are people in Reserve becoming disenchanted with the Obama agenda, but more and more people throughout this nation are clearly unhappy about the direction of this administration. There is major anxiety about increasing the role of government in our lives. The vast majority of people do not want the United States of America to become a European style socialist nation.
The federal government is already so massive and so intrusive; it is quite disturbing to see the President and his administration trying to expand the role even further.
The battle lines are now drawn and health care is just the latest and biggest battlefront. If President Obama succeeds in this debate, health care in America will be nationalized and forever be changed. However, if Obama loses this debate and fails to pass his bill, then his administration will have lost their best opportunity to expand government. It will also mark the beginning of the end for the socialist agenda of President Obama.

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